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E-commerce content marketing (yes, it matters)

There’s a reason why quality content — Optimized, Fresh, Factual (or trusted/authoritative), Engaging, and Relevant content — comes up as an SEO recommendation consistently in my own work as an SEO consultant as well as across the web, including sources like Search Engine Land and Kissmetrics.

Yes, O.F.F.E.R. could be an acronym I just made up. But it’s not arbitrary: as hard as it is to quantitatively measure, quality content really is the single most critical thing for your website in terms of both onsite SEO (it offers a better experience to users and encourages repeat visits) and offsite (it offers shareability and encourages backlinks, since it’s actually worth linking to).

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See some practical tips you can use to jump-start your site’s content plan.

I back up this “big-picture” outlook that content is king in my work every day. It’s why a specific SEO content recommendation(s) finds its way into nearly every single site audit I do — across unique client situations and varying business types.

Quite simply, you can’t ignore the benefits of optimized, fresh, factual, engaging and relevant content that makes you look better than your competitors. Even if you’re an e-commerce site where the focus is, well, the products themselves.

Hey, especially if you’re an e-commerce site. How are you going to position and differentiate your brand without a brand voice?

An e-commerce difference maker

For all the e-commerce business owners and other professionals in the digital space, I’d like to refer you to a great post courtesy of Beacon Communications with some specific takeaways to get moving on your content marketing plan right away.

See the complete list in “13 Practical Ecommerce Content Marketing Ideas You can Get Started on Today”. How to get started? Answer a question your customers are curious about (tip #3). Put together a gift guide (#4). Create a glossary (#9) of keywords. All useful tips to get creative juices going and un-block the writer’s block.

In their words:

“Not only does [content] make you more searchable, it also gives visitors a reason to return to your site. Because let’s face it, not everybody that comes to your site is ready to make a purchase.”

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