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How strategy & copy work best together

In a previous post, I talked about some current UX strategy work and how page-view challenges can prompt strategy innovation and perhaps even success – in my case, creating travel guides using archived travel content (as old as 2009!) and the site Storify.

Today I wanted to look at the big picture. How does digital strategy help me become a better copywriter, and vice versa? The innovation and creativity needed to engage minds and sustain interest via tightly worded copy isn’t magic: it starts with effective strategy. In fact, putting the content creator in a “copywriter” box doesn’t preclude him/her from also happening to be a digital strategist – and particularly on the web, where roles and rules aren’t quite as stratified as in more traditional media, it’s important to be both.

Because the dynamic nature of the web demands frequent reexamination of what your audience seeks and expects, I’d argue that it also demands that digital writers understand the strategy, not just the content, that goes into making each user experience a satisfying one.

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