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UPDATES: freelance SEO work

Lots of variety in the work I've done over the last couple months.

Freelancing’s a great way to pick up and sharpen a variety of skills in a short amount of time.

May of 2015 has been a busy month…

I recently updated my resume to reflect a freelance SEO gig I’m doing for Jigsaw – an agency based out of Milwaukee – and their healthcare client. I’m optimizing site content for natural search behaviors (e.g., improved navigation, H2s, strategically placed keywords) as well as working with a digital strategist from the Jigsaw team to make sure it’s structurally SEO-sound as well.

I also picked up a week’s worth of ad copywriting (and a little digital strategy) work last week for Chicago’s Plan B agency.

They were great to work for, and it was refreshing to be able to turn around a variety of projects very quickly. Like:

1) Creative concept/copy for a print mailer
2) Blank-page UX strategy, content layout and SEO-targeted & creative copy for a new product landing page
3) Print concept for a benefits brochure
4) Creative copy for a product ad
5) Script outline & speaker “prompt” copy for a video series on renewable energy

Here’s more of the UX, SEO and content strategy work I’ve done recently. Thanks for reading!


    1. Nate Holman

      Thanks for your question – these days, search-optimized copy entails an ability to convey what the user is searching for naturally rather than stuffing in keywords.

      That said, keywords are still an SEO factor, and it’s important to factor in a focal keyword for each page as well as making sure variations are positioned strategically in headings, and to a lesser degree, body copy.

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