American Medical Association (9/10–8/12)

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How I got started in branding, concepting and digital copywriting for the AMA’s nationwide 200,000+ physician & medical student audience.


Branding: shape AMA brand identity and messaging strategy in deliverables from print brochures to digital ads
Copywriting & UX: help improve content quality as the Membership team’s go-to copywriter, and make minor UX improvements using TeamSite CMS

The Way Forward

September 2010–August 2012. I started at the American Medical Association (AMA) with limited digital experience as a marketing communications writer for Syclo (2008-2011). These two years really gave me the chance to cut my teeth as a lead digital copywriter, and help brand and concept large-scale marketing pieces that were highly visible to the nonprofit’s 200,000+ physician and med student members across the U.S.

You can get a sense of how my experience progressed from these samples. I even had the opportunity in my capacity as digital copywriter to manage the AMA’s CMS for Membership, and pitch & implement UX improvements like simplified navigation.

On the branding side, I was involved in concepting the annual brochure (headlines/taglines) as well as advertising pieces like the JAMA magazine outsert and digital ad placement (both pictured).

Overall a great opportunity to learn and grow as both a writer and strategist!