San Diego Reader Digital Strategy (2/12–6/13)

  • content strategy taxonomy
  • social media strategy
  • headline writing 1
  • headline writing 2
  • content strategy copywriting
  • email copywriting concept

How I picked up valuable strategy and digital content experience in “side-project” work for an alternative weekly & media site, the San Diego Reader.


Content strategy: improve discoverability with taxonomy work (tags) and a subnav that encouraged browsing
Social media: build audience, improve page views
Editorial: attract new writing talent, improve quality of submissions, engage via headlines/captions

The Way Forward

February–March 2012. Working in a part-time editorial capacity for the Reader’s Travel section since 2009, I had a unique opportunity given my digital background to help organize and better present the over 1,000 reader-submitted travel articles online – which have a longer “shelf life” than most of their news content, for example.

First, I created article category tags and concepted a sub-navigation so that readers could get straight to the content that interested them most.

I also started Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest social media accounts (“best-of” Pinterest travel photos pictured) so I could highlight the best content, grow the community and engage writers and readers alike.

June 2012. Targeting better-quality submissions, I added more specifications to the travel submissions form.

April–June 2013. I briefly took on additional editorial work for the Reader – projects like creating a digital style guide and managing editorial for print News content…

And used the content curation site Storify to improve usability for older content by linking together articles in travel guides (pictured).