Tennis Australia SEO Consulting (7/16)

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How I delivered bulletproof, 360° SEO insight to a key agency client in a matter of days.


Business: identify business-critical search insights, create a sound strategy, and present to the client to justify their SEO investment
SEO: Uncover onsite/offsite opportunities to grow search presence for Tennis Australia’s two site properties

The Way Forward

July 2016: The final project under Melbourne-based agency ArtLiveMedia, my work for Tennis Australia involved 1) getting a 360-degree view and 2) identifying growth opportunity areas for their multiple site properties, including ANZ Hotshots, Fast4.

In cases like these where lack of specific targets can make things a bit daunting, it was helpful to rely on the structure ALM had set up for client site analysis (I currently use many of these same tactics for “phase 1” strategy work).

Conversion & Call-to-Action (site goal) analysis: how is each page serving big-picture site objectives (Register/Find Venue/Find League)

Market & Search Trends analysis: identify digital “footprint” in terms of brand/non-brand keyword ranks, takeaways for searches of discovery vs. searches of intent, keyword seasonality & trends

Analytics insights: identify traffic & engagement insights by channel, time of year (EXAMPLE: with Analytics, I found higher traffic and lower bounce rate in summer months attributed to more general discovery searches (left))

Competitor Analysis (local SEO) EXAMPLE: I found competitors that were better able to target locally (local leagues, after school programs) and identified as an improvement area for creating city-specific landing pages

Content & Backlink Analysis: Onsite SEO recommendations for adding new content to Tennis Australia sites, as well as seeking offsite content opportunities to build backlink profile (offsite SEO)

Using ALL of the above, I had at my disposal both a comprehensive view of our (very large) client’s digital footprint and specific next-step takeaways for strategy. With this ALM had the sign-off needed to move forward!