Henley Properties SEO Strategy (7/16)

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How I helped a client uncover some serious business opportunity with next-level SEO strategy & keyword analysis.


Business: present to client and justify investment in SEO
SEO: Just 38.3% of organic traffic entering through the homepage, and tons of opportunity to optimize other pages showing in SERPs for both visibility and click-throughs

The Way Forward

July 2016: Australia’s Henley Properties was an exciting project to be on, as this was my first SEO/site optimization project in the real estate sector —involving one of the longest decision paths (in terms of time investment) of any purchase type.

SIDENOTE: Google has this cool little Purchase Path Tool (left) that maps out an industry’s typical purchase path by channel — useful in our client presentation. Worth checking out.

Since Henley’s potential customers would return to the site AND its competitors many times before making a decision, utilizing varying keyword searches of intent and discovery to become more informed, it was important that we capture all of the keyword interest related to their core business areas:

• New homes
• House & land packages
• Speculative homes (built on land purchased by Henley)

My strategy approach was to gather as much keyword data as we could for this client, prioritizing more informed searches. Word-for-word:

1) There are MANY keyword searches a potential interested searcher may utilize in finding and purchasing a Henley property…
2) The more general a keyphrase is (ex. “buy house victoria”), the less likely a searcher is close to purchase (client has reiterated this)
3) We want to prioritize the keywords where search intent is specific – and won’t rule out low search volume due to the high potential value in this market of long-tail searches.

With Google Analytics data telling us 38.3% of organic search traffic was entering through the homepage, there was a LOT of opportunity in optimizing various other landing pages showing in SERPs (in addition to the homepage, of course).

SEM Rush ended up being an invaluable tool in the data-gathering phase for Henley, and I had a lot of fun with this work as it became quite visible in the process just how SEO strategy would make a difference in their bottom line.